Adapted industrial premises

Currently our factory has a covered area of 2500 m².

A state-of-the-art production machinery

We own a total of 35 CNC machines, which are less than 10 years old:
- Coiling machines,
- Wire bending machines,
- Machines for prototypes,
- Grinding machines,
- Shot peening machines,
- Laser cutting machines.

Efficient quality control means

We have a large and modern quality control equipment corresponding to our whole production range:

- Tensiometers,

- Torsiometers,

- Spring testers,

- Magnifying glass.





Thanks to regular recruitment and training, we guarantee a very good level of abilities concerning our technicians and engineers.

We have developed our own software for integrated production management and spring design which are adapted specifically for our organization.

Thanks to these tools, we can ensure a management in real time and an efficient follow-up of thousands of customers as well as about ten thousand springs references which are produced and delivered mainly within 48h.

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Your specific springs within 24h /48h ! with total quality control !
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