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Organisation and total control of the quality

➥ From design to delivery.

Accuracy and reliability of our products

Our 40 CNC machines with laser control systems and video cameras enable us to ensure an optimum quality and accuracy of our production. Our springs are tested at 100%.

We also guarantee a total traceability of all our production for more than 15 years concerning the following characteristics : raw material, manufacturing and process (size and loads).

This record remain at your disposal for any viewings.
Prototype, small production

Our prototypes are not just simple « mock-up » , but real springs, manufactured by CNC machines that have undergone an optimized and complete process of production and quality control
Therefore we are delivering homogeneous batches in compliance with quality requirements. This way you can be certain we can reproduce in larger production with the same characteristics that you obtained on the prototype.

Accurate springs for aeronautics

These springs are subject of a special attention
(unit quality control report with tracking, ect)

Medium and mass production

We are using our ERP at 100 % to control every production in order to ensure deliveries compliance.

Whatever the size of the produced batches is, the deadline will be meet.


Our company is certified to meet quality requirements since 1999.

We are currently ISO 9001 and Aerospace Industry Certification EN 9100 approved.


All our deliveries including single items or prototypes are supported by a complete quality documentation (control report, certificate of raw material analysis, certificate of surface treatment, ect).

We can also confirm the lifetime of our designs by testing them on a fatigue test bench.


We deliver our products to many customers, in particular for aeronautics who allowed us to carry out the deliveries with total quality control or by control delegation.


Our customers are really grateful for the quality of the delivered products, the respect for the deadlines and the reactivity, besides they regularly list us at the top of their providers’ rating.


Ressorts Dury

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We deliver all over the world


Mark of confidence

> Prototypes, batches production
> High precision springs for aerospace
> Medium and mass production

Whatever the size of produced batches is, deadline will be meet !


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